About Us

The eie Institute of Education is a government licensed Institute of Higher Education. The Institute developed a range of flexible learning programmes in partnership with leading institutes and universities worldwide. It offers top quality qualifications which blend with the flexibility and versatility that most people require in their busy lives. The Institute has collaborated with several international universities and educational organisations for the past 20 years and is also an accredited study centre of other reputable bodies. 

The Institute forms part of the eie Educational Group… Through other organisations within the group, the institute is able to offer its students, other services related to education, such as affordable student accommodation, General English courses, Business Training, and Internships. Another arm within the group, allows the institute to help students to study and continue their courses with overseas partner colleges and institutes. 

The institute is a proud Bronze Alliance partner of The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry (est. 1848) and regularly contributes its expertise and resources to the Chamber's mission to improve the prosperity and welfare of Malta and its people.  

NCFHE License: 2005-TC-001

eie.... excellence in education

Mission Statement

The eie Institute of Education:

  • Strives to provide high quality education and training in both pre and post-graduate levels;

  • Engages in the pursuit of educational excellence by constantly investing in its academic team;

  • Contributes towards the social welfare of the community through various social responsibility campaigns and initiatives;

  • Contributes actively towards the propagation of equal opportunities for all its employees and clients;

  • Affords the best service to all its clients.

Quality Assurance

Academic Quality Assurance Policy

For an Extract of our Academic Quality Assurance Policy as at 17th August 2017, please click below. 

Message from the CEO

Dear All,   

Welcome to the eie Institute of Education, We are licensed by the National Commission for Further & Higher Education as a Higher Education Institution. We are also a member organisation within the eie Educational Group. 

eie’s focus is to provide the highest quality education at the lowest price without distinction of race, creed or colour. We are proud to be both an equal opportunity employer and a multi cultural educational organisation where all our academic staff, administrative staff and students can interact in a learning environment without any restrictions. eie is a pioneer in a new way of harnessing the different cultural traditions from all over the world and harmonising them to produce students who are not only leaders in their field but also points of reference to anyone wanting to contribute to a better understanding between nations. eie is a multi resource, multi skilled academia where students are encouraged to grow in stature under the guidance of our tutors. I am very satisfied that eie is continuously flourishing in an academic sense and is actively involved in partnering with other top educational providers. This is inherent in the institute’s consistent pursuit of quality education. Being part of the eie Educational Group, allows us to offer courses with partner institutions in various countries.  

eie has embarked on a collaboration strategy with work place providers in order to ensure that our students do not only learn the skills necessary in their chosen area but are also given the opportunity of putting them into practice in a global environment.   

I must say that I am proud to be at the head of a team who are not only academically innovative, but also intellectually inquisitive and who look at their profession as a means of contributing towards a better world for us all to live in.   

Welcome to eie ….. Welcome to excellence in education ! 


Dr. Antonello Cappitta CPA, FIA, MBA, DBA  

Chief Executive Officer 

Dr. Cappitta may be personally contacted by email : 

a.cappitta@eie-group.com  or by calling the institute at 

+356 21332804. 

Board of Directors


Dr. Antonello Cappitta

Mr. Prem Parkash Bharti

Mr. Prem Parkash Bharti

CEO & Managing Director



Mr. Prem Parkash Bharti

Mr. Prem Parkash Bharti

Mr. Prem Parkash Bharti

Director of Sales & Marketing



Mr. Naresh Kumar Bharti

Mr. Naresh Kumar Bharti

Mr. Naresh Kumar Bharti

Director of Operations 



Mr. Sushil Bharti

Mr. Naresh Kumar Bharti

Mr. Naresh Kumar Bharti

Director of Finance


Academic Partners


The eie Institute of Education is licensed by the National Commission for Further & Higher Education, as a Higher Education Institution, offering Academic courses ranging from levels 4 to 7 

(License number 2005-TC-001).