Attention to all prospective students starting an eie Course

eie recommends all prospective students who received an eie Offer Letter (OL) or an eie Letter of Acceptance (LOA) through an agency and/or agent/s, to verify the authenticity of such OL or LOA, by sending a copy to email address:

On confirmation, we will advise the authorities that such an applicant has been presented with an authentic eie OL/LOA in order for the study application visa to proceed. We will not be held responsible if students are in receipt of an OL or LOA which has not been issued by eie, or for any payments made by applicants to unauthorised agents and / or agencies and who have been presented with Invoices/Receipts not issued by eie. 

Please send your OLs / LOAs / Invoices / Receipt images to:  

for instant verification by eie, so that you are included in the list of prospective applicants we regularly send to local authorities. Thank you.

eie Institute of Education

College and University Degree Courses Admissions Department  

Valletta, Malta  

Tel: +356 21332804 /5 - Email:

Visa Information

Schengen Region - Currently, the Schengen area consists of 26 European countries (of which 22 are EU states): Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Finland and Sweden, along with Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein

EU Nationals - Every EU citizen is entitled to travel freely within EU member states including Malta. No special formalities are required by EU citizens to enter Malta regardless of the reason for travel. 

Do you need a VISA to enter Malta? 

Please click on the Identity Malta link below, to check if you are a citizen of a country which requires a Visa to enter Malta and for any Other required Visa Application information. 

Visa Application

All Visa Applications must normally be accompanied with:  

  • Passport - validity of which must not be less than three (3) months;
  • Two (2) passport-sized photos, in colour and taken against a white background, with face clearly visible;
  • The VISA fee (please refer on the links below)
  • Acceptance Letter from eie for the course applied for;
  • Valid return ticket;
  • Proof of means of subsistence;
  • Proof of accommodation;
  • Medical insurance cover; and
  • Any other documents which the relevant Maltese authorities may ask for.

Please click on the link below which will take you to the Identity Malta Visa Application Section, with constant updated information about document requirements. 

Do you need further assistance? If you need further assistance about your travel to Malta, please contact our International Office. 

Preparation & Arrival

Before you arrive to Malta, get details about your travel route and information about Malta. Our staff can assist you. We shall also send you our Students' Manual (Academic Quality Assurance Policy is also available online), before your arrival to Malta. If a VISA is required, you are to ensure that you acquire the relevant VISA well before your journey to Malta (please refer above).  You are expected to strictly adhere to all VISA conditions.  Our International Office can receive your enquiries, assist you in completing the Application Forms and send you Acceptance Letters for VISA processing (after complying with our strict admission criteria and payment of course deposits/fees).  

Our international students are greeted and met at the Malta International Airport and transferred to their accommodation. A brief explanation of the accommodation facilities are given upon arrival and students are expected to follow accommodation rules especially when staying with host families. An orientation session is organized at eie about the course and also about Malta in general. Various activities are organized by eie throughout the academic year and students are encouraged to participate. Fees may apply for these activities. During their stay in Malta, eie fully supports international students.  

For more information about Malta, please click the link below. 

eie International Offices