Louisann Caruana Scicluna

Great eie team! 

Special thanks to CEO Dr. Cappitta, Academic Manager Ms. Chetcuti, course lecturers and all eie staff for their support and motivation during my academic journey. 

With their encouragement I managed to hit the books once again and achieve my goals. 

Thank you eie

Louisann Caruana Scicluna Dip. Business Mgmt, 

From Malta  

Karuna Tamang

In 2015, I started a Postgraduate Diploma in Management with eie Institute of Education in Malta. Every module had a different tutor. They were very professional, very helpful, and their way of teaching was very focused. They ensured that each individual in class understands the topics and were always there to answer our questions. I had two great years pursuing my study from eie. Throughout the course, I had access to text books from the library. These helped me a great deal in enhancing my class notes. The tutors were also proactively helping with us with notes, e-books and also examination preparation. I honestly had a good experience studying at the eie Institute of Education, that I went on pursuing another course with them i.e. Masters in Business Administration which was a top up over the Postgraduate Diploma that I obtained in the previous 2 years. I cannot thank enough eie and their dedicated staff, for the opportunity given to me.

Karuna Tamang Pg. Dip. Mgmt., MBA

From Nepal

Mohamed Al-Bakoush

I am very grateful to eie Institute of Education's staff and management for their great support during my academic studies at the Institute.  Throughout my studies, they have been a positive factor for me personally and have provided the needed facilities and professional teaching methods that developed a lot of my skills in the field of business administration. 

Beginning from a Certificate, I was able to move gradually to a Diploma and achieve a Master in Business Administration from a UK university. Thanks to eie and my qualifications, I am also working in a reputable Accounting firm in Malta. 

I appreciate their effort, and I will not forget the years I spent at eie Malta. 

This will remain a very special memory in my life.

Mohamed Al-Bakoush Pg. Dip. Mgmt, MBA

From Libya