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Welcome to ORA, provider of the award-winning Oxford Summer School and other world-renowned academic programmes. Every year ORA welcomes students from 100+ nations to our world-class summer enrichment programs. An ORA summer offers unparalleled opportunities to learn, make friends and get ahead in life. ORA offers specialist tuition in both STEM subjects and the arts; the exciting coach excursions, exceptional teachers and access to exclusive study centres including Oxford University colleges have made it one of the most sought-after teen summer camps in the world. Spaces are filling up fast – browse our 2019 summer courses and secure your place today! - See below. 


EIE Institute of Education has been appointed as ORA exclusive agency in Malta. Maltese students are welcome to contact EIE for further information about ORAs UK summer programmes at no extra charges than those normally payable to ORA directly and avail of EIE's assistance from enquiry stage, to application and registration, till the day of the trip to the UK. We repeat, there are no extra fees payable than those on ORAs price list (see below). 

5 Reasons to choose ORA

  • Immerse yourself in the magic of Oxford - The city and university of Oxford are at the heart of all of our summer courses, whether on our Oxford summer school or summer programmes in other outstanding locations. Immerse yourself in the rich academic history of our summer centres and experience life as a student at some of the world's most prestigious institutions, living, dining and studying in these magical settings. Naturally, all of our courses are designed with the academic nature of their environment firmly in mind.

  • Be taught by inspirational academics - Participants will be taught by qualified, knowledgeable and well-trained members of the Oxford Royale Summer Schools faculty, who are committed to passing on their passion for their discipline to their summer students. We encourage an open and intellectually inclusive classroom environment where each student feels confident enough to contribute their opinion, enabling all to learn from the experiences of their peers, make new friends, and absorb the knowledge their teacher has to offer.

  • Discover all that the UK has to offer. - Although the primary focus of all Oxford Royale programmes is cultivating academic value and progress, we never forget that our students are on holiday! Students on our summer schools enjoy the full extra-curricular timetable for which Oxford Royale has become internationally famous, including dance workshops, tours of museums and key sites, themed parties and much more. You could be whisked away to glitzy attractions such as the Tower of London, Windsor Castle, and the Warner Bros. Studio Tour.

  • Summer courses to suit all academic interests and goals. - Our summer courses encompass a wide variety of engaging academic disciplines and subject options. Tomorrow’s young leaders may consider honing their understanding of the international political climate with our Global Leadership Programme, whilst those intending to become a doctor would undoubtedly benefit from our medical summer school. You can see a full list of our Oxford summer courses by clicking the link.

  • The original Oxford Royale experience! - Oxford Royale Academy has provided award-winning summer courses in Oxford for over a decade, and Oxford is at the heart of everything we do; however, we are also thrilled to operate in Cambridge, London and St Andrews in the UK, along with Stanford and Yale in the US. Students are more than welcome to extend their summer booking across several of our sites, potentially enjoying a full six-week immersion in British academic culture by enrolling for a session in multiple campuses. Whether you stay in one, two, or three of our locations, you are guaranteed the same world-class Oxford Royale Academy experience.

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Karla (El Salvador) Aged 15

Karla (El Salvador) Aged 15

Karla (El Salvador) Aged 15


"This trip was one of the best things that have ever happened to me in my life!"

Introduction to Leadership (Oxford) 

Rocio (Spain) Aged 16

Karla (El Salvador) Aged 15

Karla (El Salvador) Aged 15


"I never thought that in two weeks you could have so much fun"

Introduction to Computer Science (London)

Carolina (Qatar) Aged 18

Karla (El Salvador) Aged 15

Carolina (Qatar) Aged 18


"What I needed the most was to challenge myself intellectually and learn new things."

Medicine Gap Year Programme (ISC)

Polina (Russia) Aged 19

Georgios (Greece) Aged 17

Carolina (Qatar) Aged 18


"It’s not just about improving areas of knowledge, it’s more about meeting people"

Introduction to Enterprise (Oxford) 

Ben (Germany) Aged 18

Georgios (Greece) Aged 17

Georgios (Greece) Aged 17


"I had an absolutely amazing time!"

Global Leadership Programme (Yale) 

Georgios (Greece) Aged 17

Georgios (Greece) Aged 17

Georgios (Greece) Aged 17


"Once I got back home from my first ORA experience, I immediately decided that I would return the following year."

Broadening Horizons (Oxford)