The Republic of Tunisia, is a country in the Maghreb region of North Africa, covering 163,610 square kilometres. Its northernmost point, Cape Angela, is the northernmost point on the African continent. It is bordered by Algeria to the west and southwest, Libya to the southeast, and the Mediterranean Sea to the north and east. Tunisia's population is around 12 million. Tunisia's name is derived from its capital city, Tunis, which is located on its northeast coast.

eie in Tunisia

eie Institute of Education has a presence in Tunisia through partner schools located in Tunisia's major cities. Courses are offered to Tunisian and Foreign students who wish to study eie's partner programmes in Tunisia and obtain a dual award. 

Courses are available in the following cities (also refer below): 



-M'saken / Sousse 

eie Courses in Tunisia

For more information about our courses, please contact us as follows: 

Tunisia Office: +216 28570502

Tunisia WhatsApp: +356 79078782

Malta Office: +356 21332804/5

Email: s.gabsi@eie-group.com 

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Monastir, is a city on the central coast of Tunisia, in the Sahel area, It is 20 kilometres south of Sousse and 162 kilometres south of Tunis. Traditionally a fishing port, Monastir is now a major tourist resort. 

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Tunis is the sprawling capital of Tunisia. It sits along Lake Tunis, just inland from the Mediterranean Sea’s Gulf of Tunis. It’s home to a centuries-old medina and the Bardo, an archaeology museum where celebrated Roman mosaics are displayed in a 15th-century palace complex. 

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M'saken is a town in north-eastern Tunisia, very close to Sousse. Located 140 km south of the capital Tunis, Sousse has 271,428 inhabitants and is in the central-east of the country, on the Gulf of Hammamet, which is a part of the Mediterranean Sea and is a very touristic area. 

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